ferment bath AIDSに悩む西アフリカのマリ共和国への手紙(英語版

To: Malian

We are the project team of AIDS from Japan.
Our method is fermenting rice bran by an original technique without heaters.
You take a rice bran bath that was fermented, and then your temperature rises to about 40 degrees.
It warms and relaxes you completely, so you don't have to worry.
When your temperature rises, white blood cells in your blood increase.
As a result, this is effective to various diseases, even cancers.
However, we don't know how this has effects to AIDS yet. People become AIDS when their immunity declines.
That is to say, they don't become AIDS if their immunity doesn't decline.
Viruses are weak to heat.
If HIV is weak to heat, we think this experiment's result becomes interesting.
We can't say that this method treats AIDS perfectly.
However, we think wonderful if the content of the following sentence becomes reality.
"People can live without being AIDS if they take a rice bran bath which was fermented."

We came here, because we want to know how warming ourselves has effects to HIV.
This method got permission in Japan.
We have been doing this for seven years, but we had no accidents, so this is safe.

This is first experiment in the world.
Therefore, we want you to cooperate with us for a month.
If it brings effects to AIDS, it becomes very big news to human beings.
We want Mali to become the first country of treating AIDS in the world by this method.
We want to cooperate to eradicating AIDS that is the biggest problem of the whole world.
We came here from Japan, because we think we must do it as the same human beings.
Thank you.

From: The project team of AIDS from Japan

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