ferment bath 酵素風呂とは?(英語版)

Oriental Healing - fermented rice bran bath

It is our pleasure to let you know about a special bath invented for the first time in Japan. It has a strong healing power and also environmentally friendly.

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First,you have your body buried in fermented rice bran bath. The heat by ferment is natural and the temparature is 52℃ to 55℃,but it is never too hot. It is quite comfortable,because it emits infrared rays. The bath warms and relaxes you completely.

Secondly,you stay there for about 15 to 20 minutes. You get ret of a lot of body wastes with perspiration. Your immunity and natural healing power is highly improved. After that you lose 500 to 1500 grams in weight,and yourbody fat decreases by 1 to 3%. Your skin becomes lustrous and beautiful. Surprisingly you don't get thirsty after tou sweated so much. It is becouse in the ferment bath your sweat contains 7 times as much body wastes as your usual sweat. The point is largely different from that of sauna.

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There are many people who are surprisingly restored to health by taking this bath and removing what caused their illness. Nowadays medical acience is changing its couse to a tendency of removing factors bad for the health,which is part of preventive medicine.

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The rice bran in the ferment bath turns into germs which decompose garbage. It makes good quality manure,which is useful in growing flowers and vegetables.Why don't you start this ferment bath as a promising new business in your country? It is highly eco-friendly and humanly friendly tecnology.

Prease have a try at the ferment bath,and feel the wonderful natural energy. You will be convinced of the vitality inside your heart and body,touching the mystery of Oriental healing.

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